Greetings! I am Yossi Kally. I’m a licensed tour guide in Israel and I’ve been sharing my knowledge of Israel with tourists from all over the world since 2010 . I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew..

My clientele has included pilgrims, business travelers, official delegations, city council members and mayors, members of
Parliament and Congress, as well as ordinary families on vacation. An engineer
by education, I am a veteran of the Israeli hi-tech industry and a captain in
the Israeli Army Reserves.

I offer a wide spectrum of tours that cater to almost all areas of interest.
These include, but are not limited to, religious tours for Jews and Christians,
natural history tours, geographical and geological tours, tours of modern
Israel with emphasis on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and tours that focus on
Israeli innovation and technology such as water engineering, software engineering,
and other sciences.

Call or write me to discuss your next trip to
Israel – together we can plan an awesome and unforgettable visit for you and
your family or colleagues.


My spacious luxurious Hyundai i800 van is always at your service. Roomy, comfortable and knows by heart all the backroads in the holy land